-55% 30 Daily Contact Lens Soflens + GIFT 1 Liquid 360ml

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30 Daily Contact Lens Soflens + GIFT 1 Liquid 360ml

Each box contains 30 lenses with the same degree of myopia + LIQUID CONTACT LENS 360ml 
Scores ranged from -0.50 to -9.00 (myopia). For -0.50 to -6.00 degrees change per 0.25D & to -6.00 to -9.00 per 0.50D

For cash on delivery (payment upon receipt) a surcharge of € 1,00 
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- Nonionic material Hilafilcon Breakfast 
- daily replacement contact lenses 
- 59% water content 
- Oxygen Permeability: 22 
- Diameter (DIA): 14.2 
- Curvature (BC): 8.6 
- Weight: 111 grams 
- Use in sleep: No

The SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses combine outstanding all-day comfort with incredibly crisp, clear vision, especially at night. The SofLens provides all the benefits of a fresh, new daily disposable lens and many more - giving you the best experience use lenses. 
Fresh, new lenses every day. End daily cleaning, storage or care. Wear them for a day, and then discard them. Comfort. Vision. Ease.

The daily lenses SofLens a user achieving a high level of comfort with ComfortMoist Technology Technology - unique design of the lens and innovative packaging solution. The lens design is extremely thin, allowing a remarkably natural feel to the eye. The slow release packaging solution creates a cushion of moisture around the lens - keeping your eyes comfortable all day, until the end.


Cleans, disinfects and protects your contact lenses. 
Removes residues use effectively!

The Liquid Solution Contact Lenses 360ml has proven to be the ideal product for people with sensitive eyes or those who suffer from dry eye symptoms. 
Besides antimicrobial activity, demonstrates freedom of eye movements and enhances the comfort of the lens. 
Also helps prevent drying of the lenses at the end of the day.

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